February 17, 2012

Make This | Shelf on a Rope

All right, this is pretty simple. I went to a local hardware store and bought a 71/2"x18" piece of pine for only $1.90, then painted it with the same chalk board paint I had left over from the valentines day tins! I love that paint! After it dried I used a nail file (because I didn't have any sand paper) and just roughed up the edges of the wood. I love that distressed antique look and it's very easy to do! Then using (cotton rope from Fred Meyers, only $1.89) I used one long piece and started wrapping the edges of the wood. (Use more rope than needed just to be safe; you can determine the length you want it to hang after you tie the first knot) I then tied a double knot on the front and started wrapping the other side. *Note: this is when you have to figure out how long you want it to hang. This took me a few tries to get right. It's pretty easy to figure out. After you have the ends wrapped and all four knots (two in the front and two in the back) then you are ready to hand it! I couldn't get my measurements quite right so I ended up using two nails so the shelf would sit straight. Also after you have it up and where you want it, you can secure it by using command stripes on the back. ALSO YOU CANNOT PUT A LOT OF WEIGHT ON THIS! I just have a few pretty light bathroom essentials on there. Have fun with this; I would love to see this done with driftwood! I would love to see yours, leave a comment and link a picture! 

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  1. Hi Cay!

    I absolutely in LOVE with your blog and your ideas. I stubbled upon your DIY Bathroom shelf on a Rope concept - This is amazingly clever and stylish! Keep up the great work! We look forward to seeing more!

    Warm regards,

    Michelle C. at Purehome.com


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