February 15, 2012

Design | The Online Portfolio

Hey there! So if you have asked me about my online portfolio this post is for you (or anyone else interested in learning more about online portfolio options)! I did a ton of online research before choosing to use cargocollective. Cargo is a great option for people who want a simple site to display their work, and you don't have to know any of that html/css stuff!  Keep in mind there are a lot of options out there, this is just the one that was the right fit for me.

So first I had to get invited to use cargo, after I got my invite I was able to use the basic options to set up a simple portfolio of 12 projects or less. Then I decided to go ahead and pay the $66 a year they charge so I could have compete control over my site and this also included unlimited projects! YAY! After you pay, you also have full access to the html and css, so you can do anything you want to do! Then I wanted my own domain name (caytlynchilelli.com ), I had heard about godaddy, they allow you to buy available domain names for a pretty low price! So after I bought the domain name Cargo's team set it up for me...super simple!

If you are curious about my blog (www.lovedesignsunshine.com) I also bought that name from godaddy. I use blogger as my platform and they have very easy to follow instructions on setting up your domain name. I chose to use blogger over wordpress because wordpress charges extra for customizing your site and blogger doesn't!

Other sites that are good for an online portfolio

tumblr ( by customizing a template this can work, it's just some extra work)
wordpress and blogger can be used for a portfolio

So above are just some sites I considered using (these are just the ones I checked out, there are so many more options I am sure). The affordability of cargo was really what made me go with them, plus the fact that it is so easy to use. 4mat came in second, they offer about the same thing, but the price per year was like a few dollars more, and I am all about saving money! I have used carbonmade in the past, but felt it wasn't customizable enough. Tumblr would be great to use since it in completely free and you have full access to the code for complete customization! However, tumblr is more of a micro blogging platform and does not offer an easy uploading option...but if you are up for the extra work then that might be a good option since it's free! Wordpress and Blogger would be easy to use, you would need to find a portfolio template, which I am sure there are options! And showitfast and squarespace are really cool tools however they were out of my budget! So you just need to play around with the free trials and choose what works best for you!

Side tips:
•create a brand for yourself, something that expresses who you are,
and what you're all about. (and stick to it)
•stick to the basics, (white or black backgrounds) unless you have a solid reason for bold colors, I wouldn't use them, they could compete with your projects.
•only post work you want people to see, if you don't like a project don't show it, you don't want to get a job based on things you don't like, you won't be as passionate about it.

Leave a comment if this was helpful!!! If you have a question ask! Good luck!
If you already have a portfolio or blog link your site I would love to check it out!

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