January 29, 2012

So Many Options!

Ok so for a while now I have really just wanted to blog. I have been running into one little problem though, commitment, or lack of. I cannot find a blogging platform that I just totally fall in love with. I don't want to bash on any previous platforms at all....they just don't offer the things I want in a blog. I want a blog that offers everything...the problem is they all offer different pros and cons and it has been really hard to stick to just one.

So my first blog ever was a tumblr blog, which I found was fun and simple to use but it really lacked things bloggers really need, such as comments and easy sharing options. So I did some research and found a free platform called posterous which did offer these things but had little control over the appearance of the layout and stuff...which was hugely disappointing considering I am a designer and that is really important to me. I researched more and found some really fun blogging platforms that charged a monthly fee such as; squarespace, typepad, and movabletype, I played around with the free trials but in the end could not justify paying for a blog just yet...especially a blog no one really reads haha. So I decided to give good old blogger a try...and I think I am falling in love with it...I am ready to make a commitment, and it is final, I will be posting to this blog for the entire year, without switching again, and at the end of 2012 if I like it then I will stick around.

This blog is all about the day to day of my awesome life, haha. I will be posting things for designers who are just starting out like me, sharing the resources I find, and anything else fun and exciting! I love graphic design (packaging, print, web),  interior design...and just design in general. I just want to share the things I love with people who might love them too.


  1. Just curious, did you change your blog for February? I like all the pink!! Just hang in there, there are hundreds of blogs, you to will find your "niche"-BFN

  2. Hi,

    I I have been back and forth with blogging names, layouts and everything! I changed it because I was reading some blogs and I came across this one the other day called "oh hello friend" and I had been using the name "oh hello" I felt this was way to similar to that already well known blog! So I just decided to totally change everything;) Pink is such a fun color! Love it, thanks for reading!