October 14, 2014

Just Life | 25 while 25

Hey it's my birthday today. Hooray... anyways working on a 25 while 25 list. I've always enjoyed making my "new years resolutions" on my birthday, but I've never done one of these 25 very specific things to do and places to go lists, so I'm looking forward to making some fun, some serious, and some kinda crazy goals for myself. Has anyone else ever done a list like this, I see them on other blogs all the time. Also shout out to all the other October birthdays out there, happy birthday!

October 5, 2014

Just Life / san juan island

Last weekend Jordan and I finally made the drive north to Anacortes to catch a ferry and explore the San Juan Islands! It has been on my list of things to do for some time now, and it turned out we both had a few days off so we were able to make the trip. Click on to see more photos from our trip and read about our adventure.

September 16, 2014

Meet Lolah

Meet Lolah the bunny everyone! She's a sweet little Holland lop, born on May 22, we got to bring her home at 10 weeks old, she was so tiny! Now about 4 moths old, Lolah loves to hop around and follow us around the room. Her favorite thing is when we rub her forehead and between her floppy ears. I'm so in love! I wanted to share some cute photos, so click on to see more!

Make This // scrap metal necklace

Every time I where these necklaces I always get a compliment or two, well today I am here to bring you a very simple diy that you can create in about 2 seconds. Read on to see what I used to make these 4 simple necklaces.

Design | fall cards

So excited I finally get to share these fall cards I designed! More photos after the jump.